Let everything that has breath Praise the LORD. -- Psalms 150: 6
Therefore I will praise you among the nations, O LORD; I will sing praises to your name. -- Psalm 18:49 

M. M. Keeravani Telugu Christian Songs

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Kantini Devuni Kantini  Kantini Devuni Kantini 
Neevu Annaavu Gurthundaa Neevu Annaavu Gurthundaa
Naa Jeevaa Nive Sangham  Naa Jeevaa Nive Sangham 
Nee Dayalo  Nee Dayalo 
Prabhuvaa Prabhuvaa  Prabhuvaa Prabhuvaa 
Naa Madilo  Naa Madilo 
Yesu Devaa  Yesu Devaa 
Pampumu  Pampumu 
Hrudaya  Hrudaya 
Dhanya Ani  Dhanya Ani 
Nee Dentho  Nee Dentho 
Sanghamunu  Sanghamunu 
Ee deenuni  Ee deenuni 
Yentho Prema  Yentho Prema 
Bhayame Ledinka  Bhayame Ledinka 
Yesayya Maata  Yesayya Maata 
Ye Chota Ye Chota
Jeeva Daata  Jeeva Daata 
Deva Deva  Deva Deva 
Kreesthu Siluva  Kreesthu Siluva 
Mahaa Ghanu  Mahaa Ghanu 
Prabhuvaa  Prabhuvaa 
Vadha Gorre Pilla  Vadha Gorre Pilla 
Yesu Pithanu Yesu Pithanu
Yesu Chethi Chaatuna  Yesu Chethi Chaatuna 
Thandri Veeremi Cheyi Chunnaaro  Thandri Veeremi Cheyi Chunnaaro 
Parama Paava  Parama Paava 
Maargamu Neevani  Maargamu Neevani 
Yesayya  Yesayya 
Prabhu Nee Sandesam  Prabhu Nee Sandesam 
Devaadhi Deva  Devaadhi Deva 
Ennaalila  Ennaalila 
Thella vaarenu  Thella vaarenu 
Premaa swaroopudaa  Premaa swaroopudaa 
Andukonuma  Andukonuma 
Nadipinchu Naa Prabhuvaa Nadipinchu Naa Prabhuvaa
Nee Madilo  Nee Madilo 
Daivamu Neeve  Daivamu Neeve 
Kshaminchaga Leni  Kshaminchaga Leni 
Gaganaana Ghana Thaara  Gaganaana Ghana Thaara 
Yedaarilo Vunnaa  Yedaarilo Vunnaa 
Chinnaari Yesayya  Chinnaari Yesayya 
Gaganaana  Gaganaana 
Siluva Dhaari  Siluva Dhaari 
Abide With Me Abide With Me
Dhanya Ani Dhanya Ani
Ee Deenuni Ee Deenuni
Ee Kuhutha Ee Kuhutha
Hrudaya Gagana Seemalo Hrudaya Gagana Seemalo
Mana Paapa Bhaaram Mana Paapa Bhaaram
Manasenduku Ee Vela Manasenduku Ee Vela
Meghamu Paina Meghamu Paina
Naa Jeeva Naa Jeeva
Nee Dayalo Nee Dayalo Nee Dayalo Nee Dayalo
Nee Dentho Karuna Nee Dentho Karuna
Neevu Annaavu Neevu Annaavu
Nidura Po Maa Ayyaa Nidura Po Maa Ayyaa
Ninna Raathiri Ninna Raathiri
Sanghamunu Sanghamunu
Yaava Jeevamu Yaava Jeevamu

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